Freakouts on the Court

Tennis Freakouts


So far this year’s grand slams have not disappointed in bringing us some entertaining outbursts like Viktor Troicki righteous tirade at this year’s Wimbledon, No. 4 below. While many of the freakouts on the court are justified, others probably are more of the “I’m cracking under pressure variety” and go too far like No.1 below, but without a doubt, all of them are entertaining. No judgement really. I’m just saying they really lost it. I can totally relate. I’m for sure the character in movies who gets slapped and told to pull it together. Sad but true. And with that, I’d like to tip my visor to these YouTube videos showing some of these standout freakouts along with 2 new entries for 2016!


1. Andy Roddick – Losing it at Australian Open 2008


2. John McEnroe – Famous Outburst happened in Stockholm in 1984


3. Jimmy Conners – Yelling at US Open in 1991


4. Viktor Troicki Wimbledon 2016 Wimbledon


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