Call for Story Submissions – Brushes With Greatness

We’re seeking submissions for our new series called “Brushes With Greatness.”

Do you have a tennis encounter story that you will never forget? Did you sit next to Agassi on a plane? Play a pro before they were a pro? Chase balls at the US Open? Dog walk someone we might know’s pooch?  We’d love to hear your brush with greatness. Add your story to our submissions form below for potential publication and promotion on Tennis Between The Lines website and social media. TBTL - Call for Story Submissions - Brushes With Greatness

All content submitted must be free of any copyrights and solely belonging to you. If any content is submitted without rights clearance, you acknowledge full responsibility once you submit the content. In other words, make sure your words and pictures are all yours and you are okay with us publishing them and sharing them. Thanks! 

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