Jim Gaffigan – Officially A Fan!

A year ago I picked up Jim Gaffigan’s book “Dad is Fat.”

I wasn’t sure where Jim Gaffigan stood among the landscape of top-tier comedians.

I’d seen him here and there but I was knee-deep in idolizing Louis C.K. and holding everyone up to that standard. I saw something on TV that said that “Dad is Fat” was funny. I needed a funny book so I started to read it against my un-earned snobbish judgment. I’m not a literary person. Screen time has been my thing since I was a kid. When my husband saw me reading the book, even though he never said it, I knew he thought it as fluff reading. I loved the book. I laughed the whole way through. I secretly became a Jim Gaffigan fan.

Fast forward to today, my radar is on 100% for anything cool and funny about tennis. I was laying on the sofa watching TV and I was beyond entertained and strangely proud when I saw Jim Gaffigan doing these ridiculously funny tennis themed Chrysler commercials. They are perfect! Exactly our humor here at Tennis Between The Lines. It even made me think of Chrysler in a whole new light. I think they are partnered or something with Fiat cars so that opens up my options when I go to buy a car. Thank you Jim Gaffigan for the entertainment. Also, I  recommend reading “Dad is Fat.” You’ll laugh.

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