Foot Faults: Tennis Poems

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“These poems give delightful shape and concision to every thought — stray, deep-felt, nagging — you’ve had as a tennis player. Read them, recognize yourself, and smile.” Gerald Marzorati, author of Late to the Ball: Age. Learn. Fight. Love.  Play Tennis. Win and former editor of New York Times Magazine.

“This lovely collection solidifies my belief that tennis is a metaphor for life. Our job is to get the ball back over the net just one more time.”    —  Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for Stone and The Tennis Partner.

“Hilarious and obsessive. A perfect portrayal of tennis life.” Dr. Ludmila Cosio-Lima, Associate Professor of Exercise Science at University of West Florida, ironman triathlon competitor, and former professional tennis player.

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Roger Sedarat
Roger Sedarat is the author of two previous poetry books, and winner of the Hollis Summers’ Poetry Prize. He recently has channeled his love and frustration for tennis into his third collection: Foot Faults: Tennis Poems (David Robert Books, 2016).  AVAILABLE NOW AT AMAZON  or  BARNES & NOBLE

A professor of creative writing in the MFA Program at Queens College, City University of New York, he lives in Montclair, New Jersey with his wife, Janette, and his two sons, Milo and Theo.



Book Trailer

This whimsical trailer was created by Rob Babboni for award-winning poet Roger Sedarat’s 3rd poetry collection Foot Faults: Tennis Poems.  The trailer captues the sense of humor that Roger Sedarat brings to his well-crafted poems.